Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability at Voluntary Action Islington

As a membership and umbrella organisation for the Third Sector in Islington we want to promote best practice and lead by example.

In June 2012 Voluntary Action Islington took part in a City Bridge funded project, Greening the Third Sector. This enabled us to to have a complete ‘eco-audit’ of our premises, and identified ways we could improve our efficiency, save money and reduce our environmental impact.

Voluntary Action Islington Environmental Policy Statement

Sustainability in your Organisation

Remember the the three ‘Rs’ in your daily business: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.  It saves businesses and organisations money, and can attract new customers, services users and funders.

Eco-advice Sheet for your Organisation

Get a Free Eco-Audit – Links to LVSC

Chamber of Commerce Recycling Project Resources to Support Recycling

Free recycling and correct disposal of electronic equipment from Recycle for London